What a Potential ‘Midnight Sons’ Team Could Look Like

midnight sons

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About three or so weeks ago, Nathan Miller approached me with the foundation of an article. He wanted to look at the different Microsystems of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how the larger picture was influenced by all the moving parts. As the two of us began talking, we realized quickly that what we had on our hands wasn’t just one article, but five. One for each of the identified Microsystems and how their individual stories would build over the next few phases. Then a final one exploring the overarching story and how it would come to fruition. 

Since that initial day when Miller asked me to take his idea and run with it, we’ve spoken a few times about how different pieces fit together and where certain characters or teams belong. It wasn’t far into our first piece that we both realized that the Midnight Sons or a team like that was coming. The conversation went something like

“Midnight Sons?”

“Oh Absolutely”

It wasn’t a matter of if this team-up was going to happen. Though we didn’t have much to go on nor when such a team would arrive. We had some pieces, such as Doctor Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch already in the MCU, and the arrival of Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) in his very own show. And of course, the incomparable Mahershala Ali was confirmed for the role of Blade.

Pair those castings with the now-canceled Adventure Into Fear world that was set to air on Hulu and focused on characters like Ghost Rider and Helstrom, and we have all the clues for a Marvel Studios approved dip into the supernatural pool. 

Then just last night The Cosmic Circus‘ very own Ms. Lizzie Hill (Editor and Breaking News Bomb Dropper) ran an exclusive about an upcoming Werewolf By Night Disney+ series. In the exclusive, Hill reported that not only would Werewolf by Night be filming under “Buzz Cut” but also that it starts filming in February 2022.

Seems like it may be a fast turnaround for a project just now being reported on, but with rumors that this character’s possible pop up in Moon Knight it seems like Marvel Studios is fast-tracking the spooky side. Though with so many characters already present, announced, or rumored to be coming, who else might be joining their brothers in arms?


Ghost Rider

Nathan Miller, now over at Murphy’s Multiverse, recently connected some dots that our favorite hothead was headed to the MCU. It is unclear which Ghost Rider may be appearing, though Johnny Blaze may be a great place to start.

For many people, when asked about Ghost Rider, Blaze’s flaming chain and classic motorcycle is the image that comes to mind. Previously played by Nicholas Cage in the early 2000s, a new take on a fan favorite would cement this character in the MCU. 

Miller also pointed out that one of the LLCs created by Marvel was Richmond Street Productions, which may refer to a street very close to Cypress Hill Cemetary in Brooklyn. This is a location in the comics that the Midnight Son’s frequent as well as other connections to Ghost Rider which Nathan mentions in his article. Nothing’s a coincidence with Marvel, so expect some form of Ghost Rider to appear sooner rather than later. 

Daimon Hellstrom

One of the only shows to make it out of the Hulu Adventures into Fear cancellation bloodbath was Helstrom. And even then, it got a lackluster first season, with no connection to Marvel in its advertising, and a quick cancellation after its drop in the streaming service. Though perhaps it’s the perfect time to reboot Daimon and his family. Daimon is the son of Satan in the comics, which grants him unlimited powers in his father’s dimension.

 On the earthly side of his powers, he can sense supernatural energy in his surroundings, as well as transport himself and others from one magical dimension to another. He apparently carries an Aquaman-like trident that has other magical properties. Adding Daimon and his sister to the mix would open up a side of the MCU we haven’t seen quite yet.

In Thor, we learn of realms and even in Doctor Strange, we hear of other dimensions (such as the Dark Dimension). Though to open up and explore hell and all that inhabit it would allow for edgier and darker stories to start to unfold in Marvel Studios. And who better to stop escaped demons than the son of Hell himself and his trusty midnight sons?



I can feel all the eye rolls already. But hear me out. Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have a pre-existing relationship that has appeared shaky in the past. Though with their most recent deal, it appears that things are stronger than ever and building towards more potential crossovers between the two sandboxes of characters. 

That being said, we also know that the multiverse has cracked itself wide open due to the events of Loki. So it doesn’t seem like an impossible stretch from Morbius, played by Jared Leto, to cross over and appear with the other supernatural beings in the MCU. After his own solo movie of course. It would do wonders to strengthen the relationship between the two studios and give fans what they truly want. This creates more connective tissue between both worlds and characters. 

It’s possible that they could replace Mobius with Blade or even Dracula and so have a complete and compelling story. But Morbius being in it isn’t impossible and would bring the Midnight Sons one of their original lineups.

In the comics, Morbius is a scientist that is born with a rare blood condition, which he attempts to treat with an experiment concoction that contains vampire bat blood. What may have been a cure turns into more of a curse, when he becomes a living vampire. An individual who struggles between his human and monstrous thirst for blood. At times that struggle between the two plays out in a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-esque antihero. Although his connections to the supernatural make him a great candidate for an appearance in a Midnight Sons project.

Elsa Bloodstone

Every world needs its own Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Elsa would fit that bill perfectly. Raise by her father, Elsa is trained to be a monster hunter. She exhibits wicked skills with a gun, as well as superhuman strength, agility, speed, and endurance. She is immune to vampire bites and can regenerate herself. Plus she has so much sass, not even Tony Stark would know what to do. 

In a growing world of supernatural beings, who would be better to join the team? She wants to keep the world safe from the monster’s hands, and could easily help the team do that. Though would she be willing to set aside her dislike for monsters to work with the likes of Dracula or Mobius? Growth comes from torturing our characters, so perhaps the world could become less black and white for Elsa as she moves through the MCU?

Who else do you think may show up from the Supernatural side in a future project? I think it’s more than a perfect time to explore this side of the MCU. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @mycosmiccircus!

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