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Theory: How X-MEN ’97 Could Tie Into the Multiverse

While working on my recent piece comparing X-Men ’97 to the original X-Men ’92 designs, there was one huge difference I couldn’t overlook: Charles Xavier was nowhere to be seen….

Report: Lewald Interview Reveals X-MEN ’97 Aiming For Late Summer 2023 Release And Other Updates

Just yesterday, The Power of X-Men podcast published a new X-Men ’97 interview with Eric and Julia Lewald, who were showrunner and writer of 1992’s X-Men animated series and are…

X-MEN ’97: Character Designs Then and Now

Just last Friday, Marvel Studios dropped a bombshell announcement during Disney+ Day, announcing the first modern Marvel Studios project set outside of MCU canon: X-Men ’97, an original animated series…

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