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My ‘Captain America 4’ Pitches for The Bradleys, Serpent Society, Red Skull, and Torres

Ever since the Falcon & The Winter Soldier finale and the coinciding news that there was a Captain America 4 in the works, I have been thinking and theorizing about…

Exclusive: ‘Captain America 4’ Filming Date and Location

With today’s exclusive from Deadline confirming that Anthony Mackie has indeed crossed all the t’s and dotted the i’s on his contract and will return to star in Captain America…

Anthony Mackie Signed On To Return For ‘Captain America 4’

Following The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s finale in April earlier this year, people were excited to see Mackie come back as the new Captain America as soon as possible….

Macro Marvel Part 2: Global Threats and the Heroes Who Stop Them

In part one of our series, co-author Nathan Miller and I explored the expanding street level of the MCM. If you haven’t read up on it yet, what are you…

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