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Now that we’re in December it’s time to start thinking about gift-giving for the holidays! One of my favorite gifts to give and receive is jewelry, especially if it’s a piece that connects to one of my favorite characters or movie. Fandom jewelry is a fun way to show off that love. I own a few nerdy but classy pieces of fandom jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and rings. From bold and colorful to small and subtle pieces here are a few of my recommendations for nerdy jewelry gifts that are perfect for you or the nerd in your life this holiday season. 

Rocklove Jewelry

Rocklove Jewelry was founded by Allison Cimino and in 2014 she had her first licensing deal with CBS to create a line of Star Trek jewelry. Since then Rocklove has done many collaborations with Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, DC, Pokemon, and more. 

Rocklove is more on the expensive side but their pieces are worth it. Their jewelry is unbelievably detailed and is made to last. I own a few of their Star Wars and Marvel pieces and I wear them almost daily. Another great thing about Rocklove is that they have a wide variety of sizes and styles showing that fandom jewelry is gender inclusive. 

From Rocklove, I recommend the Kyber Crystal necklaces, the Padmé ring, and the Poison Ivy stacker rings. 

The Kyber Crystal necklace line is beautiful. The detail that went into each saber is incredible. I also love that each necklace comes with a different chain that fits the lightsaber and character it’s based on. These necklaces are perfect for anyone who wants something character specific and colorful. 

Kyber Crystal necklaces (Rocklove Jewelry)
Kyber Crystal necklaces (Rocklove Jewelry)

The Padmé ring is based on her lake dress armband from Attack of the Clones. It’s an enamel and gold ring, shaped exactly like Padmé’s armband. The shape is very unique along with the rest of the Padmé collection, which is also inspired by the collar of her lake dress. This was one of my favorite Padmé outfits in the prequel trilogy and I’m so happy it’s inspired a beautiful collection. 

Padmé Lake Dress collection (Rocklove Jewelry)
Padmé Lake Dress collection (Rocklove Jewelry)

The Poison Ivy rings are three silver rings with green crystal leaves. I love that they can be worn together or separately. There isn’t much Poison Ivy merchandise that I love, so finding this collection was a fantastic find!   

Poison Ivy stacker rings (Rocklove Jewelry)
Poison Ivy stacker rings (Rocklove Jewelry)


Pandora is a classic choice when purchasing jewelry, especially when it comes to charm bracelets. Pandora has grown into one of the most popular jewelry brands over the years. Not only do they have stores across the world but their products can also be found in Disney parks. 

They have collections with Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars including charms, bracelets, and rings. Pandora is a great starter brand for younger kids as well. I remember when Pandora was starting to get popular I received a charm bracelet and it was my first expensive piece of jewelry. 

If the person you’re shopping for is just starting their collection and you want to get them charms and a bracelet I suggest getting one of the matching bracelets and charms. I recommend the new Spider-Man collection, the Infinity Stone ring, the Thor hammer charm, and the Captain America shield charm. Each piece is great for any Marvel fan who loved the Infinity Saga.  

Marvel collection (Pandora)
Marvel collection (Pandora)

For the Star Wars line, I love the Grogu, Leia, and Rebel charms. I was surprised by how detailed the Leia charm is with the engraved silhouette of Leia with space and Alderaan behind her. It’s exceptionally beautiful. I think the Leia charm is the perfect gift this holiday season. Since her appearance in Obi-Wan Kenobi, I feel like there has been a new love for the character, this charm would be great for any Leia fan. 

Star Wars charms (Pandora)
Star Wars charms (Pandora)

Girls Crew 

If you like dainty jewelry over obvious pieces, Girls Crew has some great options. Girls Crew’s jewelry feels elegant because they mix colorful gemstones and character design so well on such a small scale. They just recently added to their Star Wars collection and launched a Marvel collection focused on Black Panther Wakanda Forever.  

Girls Crew Wakanda Forever collection (girls
Girls Crew Wakanda Forever collection (girls

Their earrings are fun mismatched sets that include different characters and styles. My favorites are the Women of Star Wars set and the Dyad stud set. The Women of Star Wars set features studs in the shape of Ahsoka Tano, Queen Amidala, Rey, and Leia Organa. The Dyad set includes Rey, her yellow lightsaber, Kylo Ren’s helmet, and his red lightsaber. 

Girls Crew Women of Star Wars and Dyad stud sets (girls
Girls Crew Women of Star Wars and Dyad stud sets (girls

Nerdy Jewelry gifts from Magically Taylored 

If you are looking for simple classic-looking pieces I highly recommend Magically Taylored. This shop has subtle nerd rings and necklaces that mix perfectly with everyday jewelry. I recommend the Into Your Universe ring, Leia ring, Kinda Game necklace, and Every Universe necklace. 

The Into Your Universe ring and Every Universe necklace are pieces inspired by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The ring is inspired by America Chavez’s star-shaped portal she opens when traveling the multiverse. The Every Universe necklace is inspired by the heart-felt moment between Dr. Strange and Earth 838 Christine Palmer. Both are perfect for any marvel fan.  

Nerd Jewelry Gift Into Your Universe ring and Every Universe necklace (Magically Taylored)
Into Your Universe ring and Every Universe necklace (Magically Taylored)

Kinda Game necklace is inspired by Qi’ra’s Crimson Dawn necklace as seen in Solo. Qi’ra has been a huge focus in the Star Wars comics with Crimson Reign having just finished and Hidden Empire just started. This is the perfect gift for the Solo or Star Wars comic fan in your life. 

The Leia ring is an engraved/enamel ring inspired by the wedding ring she wears in the sequel trilogy. Another great gift for any Leia fan, especially after reading The Princess and the Scoundrel by Beth Revis, check out our review of it here. In the book, we found out the journey and meaning of her ring which makes this piece feel special.  

Nerd Jewelry Gift Kinda Game necklace and Leia ring (Magically Taylored)
Kinda Game necklace and Leia ring (Magically Taylored)

Will you buy any of these pieces for the holidays? Do you wear any fun fandom jewelry? Where do you like to shop? Let’s talk about it over @mycosmiccircus Twitter, or on The Cosmic Circus Discord, and make sure to follow us for more nerdy news.

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