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About The Cosmic Circle Podcast

The Cosmic Circle is the official podcast of The Cosmic Circus and features the various writers contributing to the website, and occasional guests. To sum up, this is a group of friends getting together to talk about the nerdy things they love, and sometimes debating and venting frustration with the things they don’t.

We hope you enjoy these chats. If you do, please follow, like, review, and share. This podcast is available on most platforms where you listen to podcasts, including Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, and many more. 

Listen to The Cosmic Circle

Episode 12: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Discussion with Uday, Julia, Brian, and Drew. (recorded 5/14/22)

[Show note: Julia Delbel’s interview with Michael Waldron]

Episode 11: Moon Knight Overall Series and Future Discussion – with Ayla, Drew, and Brian. (recorded 5/07/22)

Episode 10: Moon Knight Episodes 1 & 2 Discussion – with Uday, Ayla, Brian, and Drew.  (recorded 4/10/22)

Episode 9: The Batman Review and Future of the Franchise – with Uday, Ayla, Emily, and Drew. (recorded 3/13/22)

Episode 8: Peacemaker Season 1 Review and Discussion with Uday, Ayla, Anthony, and Lizzie. (recorded 2/20/22)

Episode 7: 2021 Movie & TV Series Retrospective and What We’re Looking Forward to in 2022 with Ayla, Emily, Drew, and Uday. (recorded 2/05/22)

Episode 6: Spider-Man: No Way Home Review and Reactions with Vin, Emily, Ayla, and Brian. (recorded 1/16/22)

Episode 5: Hawkeye Series and Finale Discussion with Uday, Emily, Ayla, and Brian. (recorded 12/27/21)

Episode 4: Spider-Man Movie Retrospective and Review with Vin, Ayla, Tucker, and Alex. (recorded 12/10/21)

Episode 3: Hawkeye Episodes 1 & 2 Review with Uday, Ayla, and Brian (recorded 11/28/21)

Episode 2: Disney+ Day and Eternals Review with Uday, Julia, Vin, and Brian. (recorded 11/14/21)

Episode 1: DC Fandome Review and Discussion with Uday, Julia, Anthony, and Drew. (recorded 10/17/21)

General Credits and Show Notes

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